Team dynamics is not only just a buzz word.  With our team report you can tangibly see what your team dynamic is and how to best use each member of the team in their areas of strength


Do you work more closely with some people on your team than others. The comparison report will give you insight into where you lean on each other in your areas of strengths and avoid your weak spots

Personality I.D. provides assessments to assist individuals and organizations to maximize their potential. This will can help your organization hire, place and retain the right people for your business.

Personality I.D.® has developed a system built on 24+ years of experience in using the DISC personality assessment.

We will assist you to do the following:

  • Increase the morale and motivation of your staff
  • Discover and release the potential in your current employees
  • Manage and retain top performers to benefit your employees and serve the organization's growth needs
  • Discover the dynamics of your team and identify strategic gaps
  • Recruit and appoint the best person for the position
  • Maximize each individual's strengths​

For free sample reports and a free consultation Contacts us and we can get started.  If you want someone in your organization trained on the PID tool and have your own license contact us for upcoming training dates.

Each member of the team will receive a personalized report to help them understand  their natural tendencies and their strength and weaknesses