Grace Dyson

Years of experience: 30

Expertise: Career Coaching, Training & Development

Atlanta, GA

James Vincent

Years of experience: 31

Expertise: Business Executive

Sandy Springs, GA

 Our Goal

 To change the decision making process for  individuals and businesses as it relates to  careers and financial decisions to help improve  your quality of live and utilize the resources  God has given you.

To fundamentally change the way career choices and hiring decisions are made so that people understand the concept of Career Calling and Talent Management.  We want to teach a sound process for career planning, life planning and team dynamics based on absolute principles. Impacting the decisions we make in our education, careers and finances will change the way we look at the world.

David R. DeWitt

Years of experience: 35

Expertise: Business Executive

Suwanee, GA

Michelle Glover

Years of experience: 12

Expertise: Leadership Development

Alpharetta, GA

Jeff Payne

Years of experience: 36

Expertise: Navy and Airline Pilot 

Marietta, GA

John Wood

Years of experience: 5

Expertise: Author, Real Estate

Smyrna, GA

 Building Teams

 Finding and hiring dependable employees can  be exhausting. Getting them all rowing in the  same direct is even harder  Put together teams  that understand how to communicate well with  our PID team building system.


 Business Solutions

 Running a business is not easy. With Crown  Georgia you will learn solutions to common  business challenges and through a dynamic  process be able to get your business to move  in a sustainable profit growth rate.

 Why Hire Us

 Our team of experts have actually been where  you are and are ready to help. We work with  start ups or existing businesses who want to  grow and get teams and business moving in  the right direction based on your needs. No  matter how you want to use us the bottom  line... we can help!  Contact us for a free  consultation and we will assess your needs.    

Our Staff

Our Vision

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